About Us

About Valor Systems

Since 1994, Valor Systems has provided public safety and security software applications to help local, state and federal agencies, the US military, universities, and global corporations improve emergency response and increase first responder support.

Valor offers CAD, RMS, Mobile and citizen reporting applications that can work independently and/or collectively in concert as one unified platform based on a client’s budget, operational needs, and installation timeframe. Our systems can be installed locally on a customer’s computer network or accessed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on CJIS compliant, secured “cloud” network.

With clients across North America, Europe and Asia, Valor offers a proven enterprise-wide, multi-stakeholder solution that helps command centers and investigators operate from a position of strength.

Using Valor’s unique user-experience-design-based system, our public safety, security, and command and control solutions operate in a synergistic model. Our solutions allow dispatch and public safety leadership to connect and interact with all first responders and other public safety supporting agencies as events happen — through iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and police car mobile data computers.

Also, when needed, Valor’s public safety modular suite can also connect students, faculty, staff, citizens, customers and/or employees into one integrated communication ecosystem to allow for real-time emergency reporting into the command center.

At Valor Systems, we are dedicated to public safety.

We listen. We learn. We deliver.

Some of Our Clients


Bill Rendina

Founder & CEO

William Rendina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Valor Systems. He focuses on the long-term strategic direction of the company. Mr. Rendina continues to provide his expertise and vision into the product roadmap as Valor Systems moves into their next generation of public safety, security and ERT offerings.

Mr. Rendina designed the original functional requirements and user interface of the Valor Computer Aided Dispatch System. To execute his vision, he has implemented marketing strategies, developed distribution channels, and has formed various partner alliances.

Previously, Mr. Rendina held various positions at Ameritech, and Unisys Corporation; all providing invaluable experience for leading Valor Systems into a global company.

Mr. Rendina has earned a Masters of Science in Marketing Communications, Roosevelt University, and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Ball State University.

Angie Rendina


As Principal and President of Valor Systems since 2000, Ms. Rendina is responsible for Valor’s financial management, human resources, administration and other various aspects of corporate strategy.

From spearheading marketing and office development as a Senior Director of one of the country‘s largest real estate development companies to her 13 years with Jones Lang LaSalle as a Senior Vice President, Ms. Rendina’s corporate experience makes her a model leader for Valor’s day to day operations and finance needs.

Ms. Rendina received her Master’s of Business Administration in International Business from DePaul University and her Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and Finance from Purdue University.

John Reilly

Partner, CTO

As Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Reilly is responsible for current product development and long-term product strategy. He is the lead technical architect and developer of all Valor solutions. Mr. Reilly participates from the requirements definition phase through the quality control and release stage.

Since joining Valor close to its inception, Mr. Reilly has successfully developed over eight new versions of Public Safety software solutions that are scalable and configurable to meet the needs of various agency profiles.

Prior to joining Valor Systems, Mr. Reilly held various positions at IBM and Fermilab; a DOE national laboratory.

Mr. Reilly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and brings extensive experience in several programming languages and databases.