Valor Unify

Unified Situational Awareness Through Security Convergence

Security convergence eliminates the silos and strengthens a Unified Situational Awareness model.  

Implementing Valor Unify at the core complements your security operations by integrating potential threat information from disparate systems and security functions.

Valor Unify automatically searches all associated information integrated from disparate systems. A "Person of Interest" in the shared database may trigger an alarm through an intrusion detection or behavior detection system as a "Suspicious Person" doing Pre-attack Surveillance around a perimeter of a secured area. That same Person of Interest may be linked in a shared BOLO file created by another stakeholder, further highlighting a possible threat.

Valor Unify is designed to triage incidents based on shared information from multiple sources, and dispatch resources according to dynamic unified SOP'S.

Security Convergence + Valor Unify = Unified Situational Awareness