Solutions for Federal, State and Local Agencies

Valor CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) for government is used worldwide by the US military, police departments, and PSAPs to improve their calls-for-service (CFS) processing, coordinate emergency response and enhance the public’s safety.

Designed as an easy to use, client configurable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system, our applications have powerful command and control and reporting tools that help command, communications, and first responder personnel gain awareness to real-time (and historical) incident information to improve their decision making.

Valor RMS (Records Management System) is seamlessly integrated with Valor CAD and other modules such as BOLO, Evidence and Warrants within the Valor Incident Management System (Valor IMS) using a single SQL database for all modules. Valor RMS captures the data directly from a closed CAD event and places it in an officer’s initial incident report, creating efficient and accurate information transfer. Valor’s end-to-end solution helps you and your team increase operational insight and improve first responder visibility.

Using our enterprise-wide collaboration platform, primary and secondary team members across all public supporting agencies simultaneously can work together as events require.