Computer Aided Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software is critical for the effectiveness of law enforcement, fire and rescue, and public safety officials. Valor’s fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) streamlines everything from the initiation of the incident through the dispatch process, with no duplication of effort or wasted time.

When a call for service is made, an event is initiated by the dispatcher, and entered into the system. As the information is entered the CAD solution performs a database check to locate information that allows all precautionary measures to be taken. Respondents can be made aware of outstanding warrants, medical history, previous incidents or hazardous materials on site before arriving on the scene. This information is delivered in seconds to protect the respondents and the citizens they serve.

Older systems relied on interfacing several different systems to provide the same data. Today’s computer aided dispatch system is integrated and exceptionally fast. Working together, operators and field personnel use the CAD solution to create an information and communication-rich environment that can reduce risk on all emergency dispatches.

The Valor Computer Aided Dispatch is a comprehensive, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional solution with direct access to critical information that may assist the responding field units.

Once an event is initiated, VALORCAD performs a database check to ensure all precautionary measures are addressed. If there are warrants, history, medical, premise data, or hazardous materials at the location of the incident, VALORCAD alerts the dispatcher to assist with proper resource allocation. Recommended units are based on nature of call, response zone, day of week and time of day. Standard Operating Guidelines are developed by your agency to further assist the dispatcher in handling unique calls. Direct access to Prior Events and the Search function allow a dispatcher to retrieve associated information that may be critical for handling a new event.


  • Multi Jurisdictional
  • Multi Discipline
  • User Defined Command Line and Menus
  • Role Based Graphical User Interface
  • Integrated Report Editor – Design Your Own Reports
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields

Technical Specs

  • Utilizes True Relational Databases including MS SQL™
  • Off Site Data Synchronization
  • Off Line Functionality
  • Single Position PSAPs to State Wide Implementation

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Valor Systems’ support extends beyond the implementation. We offer a User Help Desk that provides personalized support to answer any questions about system operations that your staff may have. In addition, a System Support Link is available to provide remote maintenance in an expeditious manner.

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